Spray System

Water Spray System is a different variant of Fire Sprinkler System. Such a system is used in places where fire is likely to rapidly spread out of control, within a short duration such as Transformers, LPG bullets and Combustible fuels. It is necessary to install Water Spray System on equipments or machinery that contains inflammable liquid. This system is a mandate for you.

How Water Spray System Operates:

In an oil cooled transformer, the oil is likely to catch fire after oil is reached, and instantly the entire transformer will catch fire and burn from all sides. To avoid this, kind fire, we use Water Spray System. Here, there may be multiple metal rings of detectors, a detector is nothing but a temperature sensing element. This detector ring is placed next to the most likely sots where the temperature is about to exceed or fire is about to take place. Also the, entire transformer is surrounded by multiple sprays, at multiple levels. A spray is nothing, but a sprinkler without the temperature sensing, bulb.

When the fire does take place, the detector ring detects this and gives signal to the deluge valve and the entire sprinkler surrounding the transformer to start all at once. Hence the entire transformer is flushed with water, to cool it down.

There are two types of Water Spray System:

1) High Velocity Water Spray Systems (HVWS)

2) Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (MVWS)

High Velocity Water Spray Systems (HVWS):

HVWS, is generally used in oil based systems, having high flash points. The velocity of the water sprays, hitting the system under fire is critical for successful fire extinguishing action.

Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (MVWS):

MVWS, is generally used in oil based systems, having low flash points. The velocity of the water sprays, hitting the system under fire, if it is high, might actually spread the fire, and not extinguish it. Hence, the velocity of the water has to be in range.

We often see Fire Fighting Hydrant System commonly used in Residential and Industrial complexes. A “Red” colour pipe, circulating around a building or factory premise is a Fire Hydrant Pipe.  When fighting fire, when a fireman is shooting water up to 30 meter high or more is evident that the fire man is using a Fire Hydrant System for which a high capacity Fire hydrant Pump is required to shoot water right up directly into the fire.

Is it always necessary to provide Fire Protection with Fire Hydrant Systems?

Fire Hydrant Systems forms the basis, of Fire Protection Systems, without Fire Hydrant System a Fire Protection System cannot be called a Fire Protection System. It will be a superficial system. (With respect to large areas, in general). Fire Hydrant System installation is relatively easy.

How do Fire Hydrant Systems Function?

A special well is dug, called “Fire Well”, where water is stored throughout the year for 365days. This water well is connected to the pump room. From the pump room, there are two to three main pipes. These pipes form a network of pipe that cover the factory compound and the factory. The pump has the work, to continuously filling all the pipes connected with water under pressure. The pressure is nearly 7bar to 10bar.

When a fire is seen by a person, he activates the hydrant system and points it in the direction of the fire. A very strong flow of water now, attacks the fire and the fire is eventually extinguished. The pump continuously pumps the water to maintain the system pressure.