Gas Suppression System

          A Gas Suppression System is used in high critical areas like server rooms or operation theatre, Data Centres, Air traffic control rooms etc. where the cost of equipment is too high or of critical importance.  To protect such system if water of any other chemical is used then it will destroy the entire room, a gas suppression system (Chemical or Inert, Co2) is clean and a very effective way of Extinguishing Fire.

Function of a Gas Suppression System :

Gas Suppression System is designed generally in concealed rooms. The principle of Gas Suppression System is to break the Fire Triangle, creasing the fire to exist. In the room, protected by Gas Suppression System, various detectors are designed to be placed at various locations. These detectors constantly monitors the room any occurrence of fire. As soon as fire is detected, an alarm is sounded so that any personnel in the room cane evacuate, after which the Fire Extinguishing Agent which is a gas like Novec 1230 or Co2 which is stored in a high pressurised seamless cylinder is released in the enclosed room, by which oxygen in the room is rapidly reduced, to a level where fire cannot exist. Because of such a system, all the delicate or critical items remain untouched and unharmed by fire or water.