Fire Sprinkler System

If Fire Hydrant System is the Primary Elementary used in fighting fire then Fire Sprinkler System is the secondary part of it. Fire Hydrant is used to fight fire from outside the premises then a sprinkler system is used to prevent and fight the spread of fire from within the risk area of the Building or Factory. In short it works in parallel to Fire Hydrant System and your Building or Factory is not secure with Fire Safety measures if you opt out with not providing a fire sprinkler system.

    A detailed study of the risk area is required to design a sprinkler system which can be carried by a Licensed Agency to design sprinkler system as per the relevant design standards such as T.A.C, NFPA, FM Global, wherein designing of sprinkler system is done as per the area and height of the Building or factory.

A lot of detailed study is required to design such system ensuring that the system will work up to its expectation in event of fire, which is why a Fire Professional Company having fire design engineers with wide years of experience and repute is required to design and execute such complex systems.

How does a Fire Sprinkler System Operate:

    A “Sprinkler” is connected through a M.S or G.I pipes and routed among the interiors of the building or a factory plant which is supercharged with water at 7 to 10bar.
     This Sprinkler is basically a heat sensing device which detects the heat emitted out of fire, this heat sensor is designed to burst at various temperatures depending upon the risk and when the desired temperature is achieved as a result of fire the sprinkler bursts out and water is flowed through the Sprinkler under pressure directly on to the fire affected area. All of this is automated and happens in duration of 3 minutes of fire being detected.

In this way the Fire Sprinkler System is an automated Fire Detection and Extinguishing System. It is designed to be a complete automated system which is a major advantage above all other systems. Sprinkler System for Fire Fighting is a very effective method of suppressing the spread of fire.