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Greetings from Manoj Fire!
       We from Manoj Fire is a total turnkey fire protection contracting company with a strong presence in Pune having executed industrial as well as commercial projects in and around Pune with 25 years of experience, we excel in design, installation, inspection and maintenance services. There is no limit to the size or complexity of projects that we are qualified to perform.
 With Manoj Fire, you get the best of all worlds - competitive pricing, superior design and engineering, and quality installation and service with proper training Program.
       Our quality is ensured by certifying bodies like TAC, NFPA and NBC, having acquired ‘A’ Class Certificate from Maharashtra Fire Service for execution of Fire Hydrant system and Sprinkler System, we are flexible in executing projects for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects alike, we serve to the best in terms of providing timely execution and get approvals from Fire Authority at the earliest.
       Being a company of repute with vast years of experience, Manoj fire keeps you informed of the current happenings in the industry.  Fire Fighting System’s laws are constantly being proposed and modified and support of those laws has created a contentious debate.  Fire Fighting System is a proven commodity in preventing the loss of life and property when properly installed and maintained. 
       Our website is regularly updated news items pertaining to recent events  in the fire protection industry.  The scope of these items ranges from news about the proposed laws to fire Protection System success stories.  We hope you will visit us often.